Theory :: The Theory Test

The Theory test was effective from 1st January 2000, and is required to be passed before booking your practical test. It is a Touch-Screen based test and consists of 35 multiple choice questions.

You will have 40 minutes to complete the test, and must get at least 30 questions correct out of 35 in order to pass this element.

There is a break of up to 3 minutes between Part 1 and Part 2.

The extra test, Part 2, was introduced as part of the Theory test in November 2002, and consists 14 video clips featuring real road scenes and developing hazards.

Each test has at least 1 scorable hazard, with a total of 15 scorable hazards spread over the 14 clips. You are assessed on how soon you spot the hazards, and must score 44 out of 75 in order to pass this element.

  • You must pass both elements to pass your Theory Test
  • You cannot re-sit one element, both must be passed at the same time.
  • The Theory Test Pass certificate is valid for 2 years. You must take your practical test within this time, or you will have to re-take your theory test.
  • You receive your test results, and feedback information, within 30 minutes of finishing the test.