Terms and Conditions of Instruction

Terms and Conditions of Instruction for Lady-Drivers

  1. 24 hrs notice must be given for any 1 hr lesson cancellation,  and 48hrs for 2hr lessons or lessons must still be paid for. This does not include Weekends and/or Bank Holidays.  (eg: Lessons cannot be cancelled on a bank holiday weekend for a Monday/Tuesday lesson without charge.) The lesson will be deemed cancelled if the pupil does not show within 15 minutes of the agreed starting time.
  2. Text messages are not acceptable as a means of cancelling your lesson.  Lessons will only be deemed cancelled when confirmed by speaking to your Instructor.
  3. Block bookings must be paid for on or before the first lesson, or full hourly rate will apply.
  4. Your Instructor has the right to a) withdraw a car from a test without notice should the pupil not be up to test standard, b) refuse to teach any pupil, for any reason, at any time.
  5. There is no guarantee that a pupil will reach test standard or pass the test.
  6. Block bookings are non-refundable, in whole or in part.  All lessons must be taken.
  7. Appropriate footwear must be worn for lessons.  Lessons will be cancelled and charged for if appropriate footwear is not worn.
  8. Pupils must not book lessons on mornings where they have previously been drinking alcohol the night before.  Lessons will be cancelled and charged for if the pupil is deemed unfit to drive.
  9. All monies owed for lessons must be paid before the day of the test.
Last update: March 2010