Driving :: The Driving Test explained

The driving test last for approx 40 mins, and is conducted by a DSA examiner. You must bring your driving licence, proof of identity with name, photo, and signature, and your Insurance certificate if not in your instructors car.

To pass your driving test, no major/serious driving faults are allowed, and no more than 15 minor driving faults. If you pass, you will be given a form to apply for a full licence. If you do not pass, you must wait a minimum of 10 working days before booking a retest.

Rules for learner drivers

Before you start to drive, you must:

  • hold a valid, provisional driving licence for Great Britain or Northern Ireland
  •  make sure that any vehicle you drive is roadworthy and properly taxed and insured

It is important to learn safe driving practice from the beginning of your driving career because bad habits are hard to break.

It is unlikely that anyone except an approved driving instructor (ADI) would have the experience, knowledge and training to teach you properly. Learning safe driving habits from the start will improve the safety of yourself and other road users.

If you want to practise your driving with an accompanying driver, the accompanying driver must be over the age of 21 and must have held (and still hold) a full licence, in the relevant vehicle category, for three years.

As a learner driver you must display 'L' plates ('L' or 'D' plates in Wales) in a conspicuous position on the front and rear of the vehicle you are driving.