Highway Code app launched

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0 Mon 1st October 2012 3364 Views
<p><img style="float:left;margin-right: 15px" src="http://www.tsoshop.co.uk/Theory%20Test%20Booking%20Page_files/DSA-App-Banner.jpg" alt="" width="201" height="200" />Transport Secretary, Justine Greening, has announced the launch of a Highway Code app to help road users keep their knowledge of The Highway Code up to date.</p> <p>Much of The Highway Code&rsquo;s content has changed considerably since its launch in 1931 &ndash; and how road users access that content has also moved with the times. It&rsquo;s free to read online, can be downloaded as an ebook and there are also Facebook and Twitter accounts offering regular topical reminders.</p> <p>Now a new app for the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch will make it even easier to keep upto-date with the rules of the road through a more intuitive, interactive format. The new app has a search facility making it easy to find rules and information. There are also interactive quizzes, a stopping distance calculator and a tool to help users identify road signs.</p> <p>The DSA will be looking at rolling the app out for Android and other platforms in the future.</p>